Monday, May 23, 2011

Advanced Fighting Fantasy New Editions: first glance

Just a quick note to say I have the new edition rule book and the new copy of Titan.  Out of the Pit new edition is also on its way.  I have all the old stuff but am not a grognard of it by any means.  I will post more later but at a glance:

1) Titan appears to be simply a full reprint.
2) The art work is recycled...but is all grey toned in comparison to the B&W text-bad call it looks faded or poorly copied.
3) Sorcery and Wizardry magic rules in AFF
4) Armor is handled like weapons-roll a die, consult a chart, and higher the roll more damage you do or defend from
5) LOTS of charts with modifiers for all sorts of things scattered about (climbing, darkness, etc.)
6) With so many charts-it feels like a SCREEN is mandatory or at least necessary.
7) cool dungeon creation rules
8) No FF choose your adventure(s) included
9) got rid of clumsy "star in your movie" text of original
10) Included Dungeon map is poorly (hand) drawn in contrast to rest of design it looks/feels sloppy.

More to come as I get a chance to read more.  The new AFF book is 170 pgs and 8.5x11 (wish it was also offered as digest sized)


Narmer said...

I'm considering getting these. I look forward to hearing more.

Fenway5 said...

If you like the AFF system it's worth picking up-at least the main rule book. You can get it on Amazon pretty cheap with free shipping.