Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Dead are Walking

I've talked about it a few times before (how great the Walking Dead comic series is by Robert Kirkman) you can see it!  Well you will soon, for on Halloween the series begins on AMC.  See what you have been missing with a sneak peek below. As an avid fan of the comics, I am pleased to say it is a near perfect translation and seems to add even more depth to the characters.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Collapse Player Manual

The player manual has been removed for now. There are further updates to make such as a character creation example, a few game play examples, and a family member generation chart. If you have specific comments please post below.

Work progresses on the Administrator's manual as well which will have NPC's, animal stats and alien/zombie stat charts, Collapse scenario ideas, movie and book lists as well as other tidbits for an administrator.

I have time over labor day to work on this so I hope to have the revised player manual and Administrator manual ready shortly after.

Additionally should they be two separate manuals or one combined book?I feel 2 separate books allows players to access what they need while keeping the administrator stuff out of prying eyes, but your opinion and feed back is appreciated.