Monday, April 11, 2011

Playtest Character sheets for Roguish

Well, sort of a character sheet...except they are bookmarks!  As I work on my Roguish RPG I thought I'd share with you the play test character sheet.  A bookmark may not be the hardiest of character sheets to use long term, but it is definitely a familiar, friendly, and simple way to get people started playing.  It does not intimidate a new player, it has a little picture to help fire the imagination, and it is not covered in big gaping blank areas to be filled in, nor lots of little boxes and stats to be filled out.  The other cool thing is it is a neat takeaway that can be used as a bookmark after the adventure, and might keep a play tester thinking about the game.

Not sure if the final character sheet will remain in bookmark form, or if I'll have a bit more detailed option ...but getting 5 character sheets from one piece of paper is pretty sweet!


Anonymous said...

Excellent idea.

In the mid 80s TSR released a series of AD&D Adventure Gamebooks, each with a tear-out character sheet bookmark (like this one). Slow thinker that I am, it never crossed my mind to do this for a RPG.

Anonymous said...

That's actually pretty cool......I like it.

Pierce said...

Love the artwork. This is super rad.

Fenway5 said...

@austrodavicus-I have never seen that before, that is really cool!



The players do have to be a bit careful when erasing as they can rip a bit if you are an aggressive pencil user. Second, Jim @carjacked seraphim suggested moving equipment to the back of the sheet along with campaign notes. I may do that as I need to add in the summed Armor Defense onto the sheet as a quick reference.