Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Art and a major hurdle ahead

A big test of my Roguish RPG is upcoming as two of the most brutally honest critics I have try out the latest version of the game this weekend. Those critics are my younger brothers. Although with my 40th approaching next week and my brothers and I within a few years of each other, I am unsure young fits anymore. It's fun to think we have been gaming together for 30 years now. Damn, that does not make me feel old, just blessed!

Anyway we grew up playing RPG's together and they both have enough experience and interest to let me know the truth, and if it stinks on ice, they will happily let me know. Barring disaster, my goal is to have a micro 8 page sample version of the rules available as a free download in November. My expectation is of the full game releasing in January of next year.

Also some fantastic new illustrations were completed this week for Roguish. I am very happy and honored to have a terrific number of illustrations from Mr. Richard Luschek. I specifically requested the illustrations be of scenes in silhouette. His illustrations bring a scene to life, and leave a lot of the details to your imagination to fill in which is the aspect of gaming I enjoy the most. Richard's illustrations are a perfect mirror of that sense of wonder.

You can catch a sneak peek of some of the recently finished illustrations on Mr. Luschek's blog.


Aaron E. Steele said...

I really love the strong contrasts in the black and white illos. Very powerful.

Fenway5 said...

Thanks! I am a big fan of the style myself. As Roguish continues to develop as a rules light RPG, I want to insure the art reflects a level of simplicity and clear detail that fits with the rules concept. In contrast if you look at D&D the art grew progressively detailed and cumbersome with each new edition. This I think reflected the increasingly detailed rules in each successive edition.