Friday, November 13, 2009


Sure I just passed my 40th spin around the block in our solar system, but just as awesome (maybe more so)-my favorite vehicle of all time the Jeep hit 69 today.  God bless you Jeep, 69 years later and you are just as bad ass as ever.  The Jeep is just a classic vehicle and no matter what they do, they just can't  frak  the original up.  Whether its the original, or one off the line in 2009, its just as kick ass as ever.  Somethings are done right the first time and overtime only modernizing tweaks add to what's great but can't really improve it.   

Sure, but what does that have to do with gaming?  A lot I say.  I want my Roguish RPG to be Jeep like.  Simple, solid, relaible, and flexible to get you wherever it is your imagination wants to go.  The jeep isn't flashy, it won;t stop traffic, and it won't win any beauty contests.  It does have thousnads of optional parts you can buy to customize it and make it your own.    You get the base Jeep, and then you can jack it up, lower it, add fog lights, a hard top, safari top, roof rack,  or do whatever you want to it.  No matter how many options your throw into personalizing your Jeep, everyone still recognizes it instantly as a Jeep.

So with Roguish the RPG that's what I want to deliver, a Jeep of a fantasy game.  Simple to start, easy to play, take you anywhere and room to make it the game you want it to be. 

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