Friday, March 1, 2019

FROSTCRAWL progress and Lulu sale!

Frostcrawl is my hexcrawl compatible with either of my RPG's Heroes & Other World or Blades & Black Magic.
The map is numbered 00 through 20 both horizontally and vertically. Progress is slower than anticipated bu still clicking along!

Frostcrawl has 441 hexes I have to create a description for to complete the work.

Yes I know traditionally not every hex requires, is supposed to have, or even needs a description. Still I produce what I play and what I like--and as much work as it is--I really think having every hex accounted for with some sort of description is worthwhile and adds to the overall feel of the setting.

So --currently I have 00 through 13 (Horizontal) completed: that is 294 hexes down 147 to go! I am building FROSTCRAWL based on the KALTVAL map and crowd sourced hexes as a base. It will be released as a free PDF download as a thanks for all your patience as I worked through obstacles in life to start writing again.

LULU has a  15% OFF AND FREE SHIPPING promo! Good until March 7th!

Working on US store front (you can change the store on the top bar). Use the coupons ONESHIP and LKAB317CD

Pick up my games BLADES, Heroes & Other Worlds or a lot of other great stuff at a discount now!


Narmer said...

I so love that picture!

Kyle said...

It totally sold me on the book and the associated scenarios.
It's a potent call out to Wanderer above the Sea of Fog