Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Picture from the wild

Well the first shot of a copy of BLADES in the wild comes courtesy of Rick Hull. He snapped it compared to his iPhone for size comparison! In addition he snapped a picture of BLADES alongside some its inspirations for size comparison.

Per Rick, in case you have misgivings because it is pocket book sized, he confirmed it is easy to read.

 Sean Wills got his copy and said, 
"it's easily readable and well set out. I like the addition of the archetypes, the adventure concepts, Tomb of Ice is like a romp from some thrift store early 70s S&S paperback with sci-fantasy bits , the setting details what you need - all gameable stuff. It's an ideal beginners game but it has all that scope for cool tactical stuff and interaction with a vibrant setting - a job well done" I am grateful for Rick sharing the pic and Sean's kind comments after a first look.

Looking forward to getting my own copies soon! You can get yours here!

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