Saturday, March 3, 2012


I am pleased to say my first true RPG book is now up for sale...ROGUE SPACE The Dark Frontier is available for purchase on  There is a link to it in the upper right corner of the Rogue Space blog.  Just click on the the RPG book cover!

Beyond the book there are free downloads already available as well on my Rogue Space blog, including a free sample of the rules!

How much is it?? A measley $7.10 for a 64 pg rules book!  That is the production cost...and using the code LASSO gets you 15% off if you order right now! CRAZY CHEAP!

Now here is where I take all the risk.  I figure if you order the game at a very cheap price (less than a lot of PDF'S!) my hope is you will want to see more.  To do that, I'd ask that you to donate to the Rogue Space Program.  Your donations (or lack there of) will determine if there is...or is not...any future products for Rogue Space.  Considering a 64 page book is usually $20...I'd say there is some room in there for you to donate and support the Rogue Space Program, if you want to.

I have already gathered up some great contributions for the first issue of the Rogue Space magazine: Rogue Transmissions.  The first issue should be out in May this year.  

It's taken a lot of time and a lot help from some very talented and giving fellow bloggers to get to this point.  Please check out the Rogue Space site to order the game, to donate to the Rogue Space Program, and to support a lot of great people who are contributing original and unique materials to a the game.


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