Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Booty & the Beasts

From 1979...a unique Erol Otus project/ product--fully illustrated by EO!!  Stated for D&D...but filled with all sorts strange alien technology and creatures!  For the weird fantasy fan or science fantasy fan, this is a must have piece of classic D&D stuff.

From the book's introduction
Anybody else ever seen this beauty?


Joshua said...

Looks like something I'd like to have.

Legion said...

It's, well, AWESOME!

Based on these reviews, I immediately tracked down a copy, the only one I could find on the interwebs at the time:


The reviews are great reads themselves.


Fenway5 said...

Thanks for the tip I will have to check that out!

Paul said...

Yes, I first found this a couple of years ago. If this is what his games were like, it must have been pretty whacky to play in EO's campaign. I wish Mr. Otus would stick this on RPGNow, so more people could enjoy it.

Keith418 said...

I have it. It's a classic. It may be reprinted soon, from what I'm told.

eltf177 said...

I collect small company OD&D material like this, and this was a hoot!

Tony said...

Don't forget that this was put together with Otus' schoolmate, Paul Reiche III. Paul later worked for TSR on the first Gamma World module, Legion of Gold, after taking over and redoing Gary and Luke Gygax's original manuscript.

After TSR, Paul got into designing video games. He made his name known by creating the Archon, Starflight, and Star Control game series. Now he is president of the game studio Toys for Bob where he works with his old pal Erol Otus once again.

Fenway5 said...

@ Tony-Great history and info man, Starflight is still one of my all time favorites! Thanks for sharing!