Sunday, March 18, 2012

The next D&D Next?

13th Age RPG
System: New
Written by: Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo
Deadline: Preliminary feedback 30th April. Full feedback 30th May.

Coming from Pelgrane Press Ltd.

What it’s about:

13th Age is a love letter to D&D: a rules-light, story-oriented RPG that honors old school values while advancing the OGL art. Players create unique heroes using flexible interpretations of familiar D20 character classes. New indie-style rules connect each character’s story to the Gamemaster’s customized version of the campaign setting.

Apparently you can also email Beth Lewis to sign up and play test!

What is interesting to me is you have the 3rd & 4th edition designers of D&D working on a rules-light OGL D&D love letter. Happy to hear about it, but I am curious why this love letter wasn't D&D 3.x or 4ed?  Well time will tell...

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