Monday, February 27, 2012


Development on the full Sword & Shield RPG continues.  I have 27 classes so far.  Each class is defined by dice attributes and a Specialty (feat).  In the case of Wizard classes their spell book is their specialty.  Adventurers gain new specialties at 2,4,6,8, and 10th level.  Ceratin adventurers can learn spells, but give up learning a specialty at that even level in order to learn a spell.

Wizards gain 1 spell per level of advancement. On the even advancement levels they can forgo the spell and choose a specialty instead.  Below is a list of the classes.  I have others in the bullpen-but they can be in a supplement at a later time. 

Why SO MANY classes? I think it's partly an outgrowth of my love of roguelike games which often have a lot of different class choices.   Second, people like to play as specialists and want to have something unique about their character. Last, most folks have a special character from a movie or book that they really like, and I think you could find an appropriate class to jump into.

While the simplified attribute/dice idea may seem limiting, its actually quiet effective in play and there are enough "specialties" to create uniqueness in game play and individuality.  At least that's how I see it so far. Below is the current class list
Adventurers Wizards Demi-humans
Archer Conjurer Dwarf
Blackguard Witch Halfling
Barbarian Healer Night Elf
Bard Elementalist Wood Elf
Bounty Hunter Druid
Fighter Shaman
Knight Illusionist
Monk Necromancer
Paladin Summoner
Ranger Transmutor
Thief Alchemist (poisoner)
Witch Hunter


Pastor Beau said...


SO looking forward to the expanded rules!


Fenway5 said...

Coolio, hope it lives up to your expectations!