Saturday, April 4, 2020

DIE 20!

Blame the stay at home order if you like.  Well you cannot blame it for what this is. I guess the social distancing and stay at home order gave me uninterrupted time to think.

I have very much enjoyed reading streamlined games like Microlite, Searchers of the Unknown, Knave, Maze Rats, the Black Hack, Tiny Dungeons and Swords & Six-Siders. 

Part of the appeal are the quick play mechanics and simplified rules which let you quickly create and go after the action.  For anyone that has read this kind of game before it is intuitive and easy to understand. 

For a number of years, in the background, I have tinkered away on something similar/inspired by these other games.  Somehow this week it all sort of crystallized and become DIE 20!  Now that thing is here as a 1 page brochure for you to download and play.

DIE 20! is a spin on what's come before and the brochure format level 1 rules give you a feel for the simple and quick game system.  Culling the core down to a double sided brochure to cover Level 1 characters was quite a challenge. Thanks to some constructive criticism, eagle eye edits and suggestions from my lovely wife, Jeffery Vandine, Marc Tabyanan and Bill Burdick--the level 1 intro to DIE 20! is now ready for public consumption.

In addition, there is a Level 1 adventure available for download to give the game a spin. It is a reworking of a 1 pg dungeon by Daniel F. Walthall.

So is here more beyond the brochure?  Indeed there is!  There are demi-human races. At Level 2 you get to pick a specialized class like Ranger, Cavalier, Cleric, Necromancer, Ranger, Assassin etc. More spells by class, more monsters, more bits and bobs that add on to the range of options--BUT maintain the simplified rule set. I am still constructing and tinkering.

Sunday, May 12, 2019


Frostcrawl is a hexcrawl for use with Heroes & Other Worlds or Blades & Black Magic.  The map coves 441 hexes to explore and I put in an entry of some sort in all 441 hexes.

Frostcrawl is my small way of saying THANK YOU for supporting this one knucklehead endeavor and sticking with me while life kept throwing curve balls.  My hope is Frostcrawl is a solid base hit, and not a foul tip!

Next up, I'm working to complete BLACK MAGIC the second book in the Blades & Black Magic game!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

UPDATED: Mythic Ireland

John just updated his Mythic Ireland setting for use with Blades & Black Magic.

Download a copy now!

Friday, March 1, 2019

FROSTCRAWL progress and Lulu sale!

Frostcrawl is my hexcrawl compatible with either of my RPG's Heroes & Other World or Blades & Black Magic.
The map is numbered 00 through 20 both horizontally and vertically. Progress is slower than anticipated bu still clicking along!

Frostcrawl has 441 hexes I have to create a description for to complete the work.

Yes I know traditionally not every hex requires, is supposed to have, or even needs a description. Still I produce what I play and what I like--and as much work as it is--I really think having every hex accounted for with some sort of description is worthwhile and adds to the overall feel of the setting.

So --currently I have 00 through 13 (Horizontal) completed: that is 294 hexes down 147 to go! I am building FROSTCRAWL based on the KALTVAL map and crowd sourced hexes as a base. It will be released as a free PDF download as a thanks for all your patience as I worked through obstacles in life to start writing again.

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Monday, February 4, 2019

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Hey now's your chance to check out my new game BLADES or Heroes & Other Worlds at a very special pricce!

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Inspiration: Conan #1 (Marvel 2019)

Just released this January is issue #1 of Marvel's new run of Conan.  For the last 15 years, Dark Horse Comics told the tales of our favorite Cimmerian and (IMHO) published some of the best Conan work outside of REH's original works. They lost the license and it transferred to Marvel this year. So the house that Spidey built is charting a new course.

During the original Marvel run of Conan, I devoured every issue of the Savage Sword of Conan Magazine I could get my hands on--but the regular comic run of Conan? meh.

So here is issue #1 of the new Marvel regular series and its story crosses 3 different time lines in our favorite barbarian's life: Birth + Young barbarian + King Conan all in the same story.  Is it successful? Kind of.

Granted it is one issue and the story line clearly is going to continue to build, so it is hard to judge in one issue. The set-up creates the opportunity for Marvel to use any time in the Barbarian's wanderings for stories long term. The Young Barbarian section was great and good inspiration for an adventure but the other sections of the story--I guess we will wait and see.  So at $5 for an issue can I say rush out and buy it? Nope.  I'd suggest you wait for the inevitable collection of the first 4 or 6 issues and buy that because as an intro to Crom's finest its a bit of a miss, especially when compared to the Dark Horse issue #0 prelude and issue #1.

I give it 3 cleaved foes out of 5, promising but not yet savage.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

BLADES unsheathed

Well I am happy to say my own copies arrived and considering all the work time and effort that went into it, I am very happy to see the results.

I talked a bit about making a "BLADES boxed set"--and using some bits and pieces here is what mine looks like. If you make your own I'd love to see it!

 I checked and my measurements were correct, 2 BLADES books fit in the box which means BLADES (and when completed) BLACK MAGIC books will BOTH fit in the same box with dice!!  The pencils and note cards will not, but still--it will make a crazy super fine portable boxed set!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Picture from the wild

Well the first shot of a copy of BLADES in the wild comes courtesy of Rick Hull. He snapped it compared to his iPhone for size comparison! In addition he snapped a picture of BLADES alongside some its inspirations for size comparison.

Per Rick, in case you have misgivings because it is pocket book sized, he confirmed it is easy to read.

 Sean Wills got his copy and said, 
"it's easily readable and well set out. I like the addition of the archetypes, the adventure concepts, Tomb of Ice is like a romp from some thrift store early 70s S&S paperback with sci-fantasy bits , the setting details what you need - all gameable stuff. It's an ideal beginners game but it has all that scope for cool tactical stuff and interaction with a vibrant setting - a job well done" I am grateful for Rick sharing the pic and Sean's kind comments after a first look.

Looking forward to getting my own copies soon! You can get yours here!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Deal on BLADES

Have not ordered BLADES yet? Well LULU has 15% off code right now to make the $9.99 price even cheaper!
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Saturday, January 5, 2019


With BLADES available now, my work is turned towards completing FROSTCRAWL. This will be a free PDF download hexcrawl for use with Heroes & Other Worlds  or Blades & Black Magic set in a mountainous/ cold setting.

The map I am using has 441 hexes to explore... (21x21) I am thinking about trying to make an entry for every hex--even if its not an actual "event location"  Something like

G14: Heavily forested with fog wisps winding between the trunks of ancient evergreens.

There will be included charts for random finds.  A 1 in 6 chance with every hex explored.

Any thoughts or feedback on what makes a good hexcrawl usable for you is welcome!

The work continues...  

Friday, January 4, 2019


Well a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours!  If your goal is to spend more quality time slaying the minions of evil? The you may need BLADES!  Available for order now @ $9.99 USD each!

There are two different covers to choose from! Why two different covers? Because who doesn't like choices! Be Aware: The book content is the same regardless of cover chosen. 

Thanks for your patience as this has taken far longer than anticipated, but I think it will be worth the wait! PDF version will come later, I do not have time to make it happen right now.

No Kickstarter needed, just hard work, patience and humble efforts from a fellow player like yourself. I hope that you will spread the word and share the news on your sites, blogs, tweets, facebook, carrier pigeons or wherever else you may roam.  Wherever you go, just make sure to pack BLADES along with you! Thanks for your support!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Beamed away...

I hope if you wanted a printed copy of Far Trek you got one!

If not, sorry...but another opportunity with a different cover will come sometime in early 2016! You can still download a PDF of the rules for free.

To those who very kindly bought a fellow gamer a beer or picked another one of my games? Thanks very much I appreciate greatly your kindness!

I look forward to hearing some gaming reports or reviews of your experiences with Far Trek.

Merry Trek-mas to all and to all a good night!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

First steps towards OGRE

I am a big fan of Steve Jackson's OGRE game.  It is the baseline and entry level wargame I use to get people interested in wargaming.  In addition its just a damn cool game.  Never played? Damn that is sad...okay here's the lowdown: A giant cybernetic tank (OGRE) rolls across the battlefield with one goal--to destroy the enemies command post. One player is the OGRE and the other player is the defender with a range of infantry, tanks, and artillery trying to stop the OGRE in its tracks.

While and over the top designer edition came out (yes I did buy it) there was also a reprint of the original edition!  It's a svelte pocket edition that comes in a bag and it is portable AWESOME.  In fact for $2 bucks (+ shipping) YOU can own and play it!  C'mon your Starbucks frapa-crappa cost 3 times as much--give Uncle Steve some love and  GO GET IT! 

Okay so you are going to go buy it and try it and love it...and this is important because the Russian are taking the first steps toward OGRE development.  They are discussing converting T-90 tanks into a remotely controlled tank...controlled by "video gamers."  That's the first step towards development of a self sentient tank...

Oh and if you want to read some great cybernetic tank sci-fi?? Go read the BOLOS books by Keith Laumer and assorted other authors.  Good stuff if you like military sci-fi!