Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Notes from the desert

Okay John Carter fans (movie or otherwise) I'd like you to take the way back machine to 2006--and seek out PLANET HULK!  I have recently purchased the TPB's of the Planet Hulk series-the prequel (don't bother) The Planet Hulk book (buy it now!) and World War Hulk (meh)  I highly recommend Planet Hulk TPG as it also includes the gladiators guide to Planet Hulk...which I will be using as inspiration for a new Rogue Space setting.

I have picked up (but not yet read) the son of Hulk TPB's which I believe keep the action back on Sakarr.  Take Conan + John Carter and add in a healthy dose of Hulk Smash: PLANET HULK!

Rumor is they plan on making a planet Hulk film...so read the real deal before that frak it up!

I am in LV for the GAMA trade show...a small WotC info only booth, no Paizo booth , no Steve Jackson Games booth, No mongoose booth,...lots of distributors and card game and miniature game and board games and dice manufacturer booths though...
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