Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blades & Black Magic

This morning it struck me that I should make a sword & sorcery version of my TFT inspired game Heroes & Other Worlds.  One of the great things about the system and its progenitors is it fits quite well with the gritty and grim nature of Sword & Sorcery literature.  In fact thinking about it, it takes more effort to make this type of game fit the D&D fantasy realm then it does to play out a gritty blades & black magic sort of game.

The only question I have is should players be able to use magic or not.  In my mind I think no...I can't recall a S&S hero who cast spells...but you are free to persuade me otherwise before the ink is dry.

So what does this mean for the HOW main book...sorry, that will remain on hold as this new muse sings her sweet tune in my ear.

UPDATE: I am pleased and honored to say Artkid (Luigi) has agreed to a commission for a color cover and for additional internal B&W illustrations...and below is the initial logo.

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