Friday, March 9, 2012

From the Sword Forge

Between the launch of Rogue Space, my crazy work schedule and family obligations, I have still managed to knock out the basics for a full Sword & Shield player's book:

1) Equipment, armor and weapons complete
2) All Adventurer class descriptions complete.
3) All Specialties and their descriptions, complete.

So I still need to:
1) Create the Demi-human class descriptions 
2) Create all the Wizard class descriptions
3) Create spell lists for each class

I have thought about releasing the Adventurer class and the basic rules and such as a separate book.  Then having the Wizard classes and demi-humans as their own book. Regardless of those (one or two books) the Traps, Terrors and Treasures referee book will be a separate one.

Any feelings on splitting out the Adventurer classes from the Wizard classes?


David said...

I like it, if both books include all that is needed to create characters. In other words, you only need one of them. That way if I want a no-mages swords & sorcery experience I don't have the pointy hats mucking about in my Adventurer book.

Fenway5 said...

@David-creating a character for S&S is easy-you just pick one. There is no dice rolling for stats, they are fixed by class type. You only roll Hit points, pick equipment (or just buy a pre-made pack) and go. As most games stats just boil down to a bonus to something, the attribute dice per class reflect those bonuses already. At level 1 every thief has the same specialty, same for every bounty hunter, every archer etc. At 2nd level you pick an additional specialty and then the differences begin...looooong way to go to say-yes, each book allows you to create a character. :)