Friday, March 9, 2012

From the Sword Forge

Between the launch of Rogue Space, my crazy work schedule and family obligations, I have still managed to knock out the basics for a full Sword & Shield player's book:

1) Equipment, armor and weapons complete
2) All Adventurer class descriptions complete.
3) All Specialties and their descriptions, complete.

So I still need to:
1) Create the Demi-human class descriptions 
2) Create all the Wizard class descriptions
3) Create spell lists for each class

I have thought about releasing the Adventurer class and the basic rules and such as a separate book.  Then having the Wizard classes and demi-humans as their own book. Regardless of those (one or two books) the Traps, Terrors and Treasures referee book will be a separate one.

Any feelings on splitting out the Adventurer classes from the Wizard classes?

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