Saturday, June 16, 2012

PERIL RPG and other free RPG's from me!

Well just in time for FREE RPG DAY I am happy to announce the PERIL RPG sample is now available as a FREE DOWNLOAD! I even made character sheets for download too!  Just click on the PERIL RPG image in the column to your right to put yourself into more PERIL!

Over the past few years I have made quite a few RPG's and on this Free RPG day, I offer you links to the entire dragon's horde of RPG treasures!

FAR TREK An original series (TOS) inspired RPG
Heroes & Other Worlds, a TFT inspired RPG & a miniatures skirmish game
Rogue Space, a Science Fiction RPG & a miniatures skirmish game rules
Zombies Attack! A Zombie Apocalypse RPG & a miniatures skirmish game

Enjoy the games!
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