Sunday, June 17, 2012

Onward into Peril

Other than honing my MS paint skillz this morning, thoughts of the full Peril RPG book fill my head.  You can download the sample pocket rules for the Peril RPG here.

1. I am contemplating either using only 2 classes (Adventurer/MU) or possibly 3 (Fighter/Specialist/Wizard)

2. No clerics, their turn ability will be put into holy symbols/ magical items and the spells will be integrated into spell list choices

3. Demi-humans: While I prefer race as class, I also see value in having them being antagonists.

4. I want the core rules to be about 24 pages in booklet form. Something I can print and mail out from home in envelopes. I don't want any item to be more than 24 pages, and the range should be 12pg to 24 pg

5. Color code the releases: Red cover for rules, Silver for supplements and Amber (orange) for adventures.

More to come...

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