Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More Peril

Thanks for those interested in Peril for commenting. I have an idea for player weapon damage in Peril.  As is the case in most of my game I like to classify weapons and armor as Light, Medium and Heavy.  Then classes are limited to certain classes of weapons and armor--such as wizards only light weapons and light armor.

Now comes the interesting (to me) potential twist for weapon classification and damage in Peril:

Poor Class weapons (cheap, stone, or sketchy)
Light-d4, Medium 1d4+2, Heavy 2d4

Average weapons
Light d6, Medium d6+2, Heavy 2d6

Superior weapons (dwarven, elven, mastercraftsman)
Light d8, Medium d8+2, Heavy 2d8

OR...we just use the basic polyhedral value from B/X.

Please take a second and Vote for the weapons damage you prefer.

Then there is experience.  I plan on using monster HD as the XP value for slaying a beast.  Yup it will markedly slim points needed for level achievement but its a lot simpler to figure out.  Oh and gold and treasure do not give you XP, they are their own reward.

Last with each level you gain get 1 point to spend either adding +1 to an ability or spell you already have OR learning a new one.  Clean simple and insures every character is unique.

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