Sunday, December 15, 2013

Retrospective: Pocket Full of Peril

Wow how time flies...a little more than 3 years ago a little adventure idea came to life thanks to a re-working of module B2  by Ze Bulette and the geomorphology goodness from Dyson Logos and A.J. at Stonewerks.

The concept (which I still use) is an adventure condensed down to an index card sized overview.  Just the basic bits necessary to have an adventure are included! 

Anyway for those not around at the time, those looking for inspiration, or those who wish to take a trip down amnesia lane here are links to the original six Pockets Full of Peril.

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Anonymous said...

I have used a couple of these in my home campaign (one entirely and one just for the map) and they are a nifty idea. Thanks for making them!