Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pocket Full of Peril #3

Pocket Full of Peril #3: The Spider Riders of Pren
You arrive in a small battle ravaged village. A few buildings are burned, and the wounded men and wailing women stumble amongst the wreckage.  Worse is to come as you survey the battle scene finding thick sticky webbing hanging from various buildings and a massive spider still smoldering in the remains of a smoking building.  In fear and despair a group of women cling to you pointing out towards a rock formation on the far horizon.  From the visible drag marks, their sob choked story, and the lack of children in the village, its clear a treasure more precious than gold was taken from them and they want it returned.

Tip of the Cap to Stonewerk's for the geomporphs  used in this weeks Pocket Full of Peril. Check out his blog for a lot more great maps and resources.

I will be posting PDF versions of each of the Pockets shortly, look for a link soon.
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