Friday, December 17, 2010

Pocket Full of Peril #4

Pocket Full of Peril #4: The Ruins of Rabon Nov Dranbon
Rabon Nov Dranbon was an exceedingly twisted ruler.  He would fetch women from various realms and markets of exceeding beauty and have them fight to the death in the gladiator pits under his fortress.  Visiting dignitaries would seek out an invitation to the games and would pay handsomely for the fights or for a stolen night with a survivor.  Dranbon's power and wealth grew until suddenly his castle collapsed crushing all who were inside.  For ages many tried to loot his castle ruins finding instead death amongst the cold stones.  A wood cutter is said to have spied what could be an opening near the castle ruins amongst a dense outcropping of blood thorns. Do you dare Dranbon's wrath?
Tip of the cap to Dyson for these geomorphs!
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