Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pocket Full of Peril #1

In a moment of chocolate and peanut butter like inspiration, I took this idea from the geomorphs from Dyson and mashed it up with  the note card genius from ze bulette.  As a result I have the first of what I hope to be an on going project called: A Pocket Full of Peril.

Each will print and fit onto a 3x5 card.  The story set up will be given for each Pocket Full of Peril.  Each room type and basic contents will be listed in note form so they are system generic.

Pocket Full of Peril #1: The Mines of Dol Muir
It was once a fledgling dwarf hall, while mining the dwarfs unearthed an horrific idol that unleashed an ancient evil.  The dwarfs managed to imprison the beast back in the idol and then abandoned the hall.  The tale is a legend, but someone or something is now digging in the old halls trying to find the idol and unleash its power.  What is the idol? Who is trying to find it? Can the players stop them?

I decided it would be a Necromancer and some cultists using undead labor to do the digging. So with out further ado, here is my take on Pocket Full of Peril #1: The Mines of Dol Muir.

Ideally I'd like for other people to create their own contents for each Pocket Full of Peril on their blog. Each person would base their version on a specific theme.  Like Goblins, Dark Elves, Undead, Bandits, or Frog Men, etc. Below is a blank for you to use and post on your site filled out. I look forward to seeing your version!  Please post a link back to the original on your site, and put a link in the comments section here under each Pocket Full of Peril to create a complete resource for each release. Thanks!


edowar39 said...

Neat idea!

Ed Green

Unknown said...


Fenway5 said...


I have 2 more ready to go, just need time to write them up. Are they better blank or with room idea outlines/content?

Matthew Schmeer said...

Just discovered your blog via a link by Nick at Carto Cacography. This is an AWESOME idea!

I like them with content rather than blank, but I could see the argument for both.

But how about throwing them up as PDFs rather than JPGs? Words in JPGs tend to be unreadable when printed. Or are you doing this all in a picture editor instead of a Word or Pages or OpenOffice?

Love the idea either way, and I'm stealing it for my own prep.

Fenway5 said...

Thanks very much Matthew. I have another two in the hopper and plan on releasing one a week.

Eventually when I complete my Roguish RPG I will compile them with full stats for my game, but I will always post a generic one as well.

I am putting them together in a picture editor, but it should be easy enough to flip them into a PDF. Thanks for the kind words.

ze bulette said...

That looks great! "Pocketful of Peril" - sweeet.

Fenway5 said...

Thanks ze bulette for the inspiration! You and Dyson made this possible so really it is kudos to you!