Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pocket Full of Peril #6

Pocket Full of Peril #6: The Viper's Nest
The coastal town of Gorath is suffering from a sudden rash of disappearances.  Some believed press gangs might be the cause until a kuotoa was slain by a citizen guard group near a dock.  The town militia spotted light in the old seaside temple.  They went up and were ambushed by dark elves an only one cam back bearing a letter of warning from one who called himself The Viper. Now they'd rather pay you gold, then pay with their lives to find out the secret of the temple. 

Tip of the cap to STONEWERKS for the Geomorph and inspiration!

Well my creative burst this week is now at an end.  Back to the salt mines tomorrow.  It amazes me how having some time without the shackles of the daily grind frees me up to pursue with passion these kinds of things.  I get more satisfaction from creating a little adventure or mini game in an afternoon then I do from a month of work.  I hate to bid adieu to this little creative jump, but it may be awhile before I get the opportunity to focus on gaming stuff again. 

2011 is my year to finish my Roguish Fantasy RPG, so I will be posting updates as I go on that site.  The COLLAPSE Administrators kit bits and pieces are on order and once put together and ready to ship I'll post its availability on my COLLAPSE site, I am making a very limited number of them so keep a weather eye out. Sword & Shield will remain my site to talk about gaming in general and posting random bits.
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