Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sword & Shield RPG rules v2

After some good feedback from the blogoshpere...and at home in play testing...I have just added v2 of the Sword and Shield rules AND updated the adventure to fit.  What changed?? Really not much at all:

1) I lowered starting character power levels a wee bit

2)Added initiative rules

3) Changed the TN scheme back to the original die v die mechanic for Skills.  One mechanic to rule them all!

I did leave up the v1 rules & adventure if you want to compare and give feedback.

So what's next?  Glad you asked.  I am really excited by this rules set and frankly its charm is the simplicity and fast playing rule lite design.  At least that is what I think!

 The full rules will have a LOT more "gamer cred" BUT remain quick and playable with the same mechanic, just more chrome.  My Rogue Space RPG edit/layout is finishing this weekend and then I will get cracking on writing  the full S&S rules set.

Thanks for taking time to check out the rules and leave your feedback,click on the S&S logo to your right to get the rules for free!
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