Monday, February 20, 2012

It is done!

I have finished the basic pocket rules for Sword & Shield.  You can download the pocket mod booklet by clicking on the game cover image to your right.

In brief, I used a die v. die mechanic.  Character classes and their respective attributes are based on a specific die.  Leveling up does not change the die, it provides a bonus (+1) to the attribute die of your choice.

Monsters are represented by a single die for all their tests.  I left out special abilities (feats) and a lot of magic schools and additional classes.  Why?
1.) Because it is only 8 pages
2.) I am not sure if it is worth putting additional time and effort into it.

Anyway, you can download the basic pocket rules and decide for yourself. I am in the final edit for my Sci-Fi RPG Rogue Space, and my wife is finishing up some additional art.  This little system sprang to mind in the midst of editing malaise. It may very well represent that funk!

Sorry, quick edit and re-posted rules (7.45a PST)

BONUS #1-I put up a free adventure to try the rules out with. Map cartography by Dyson Logos.  (8.55a PST)

BONUS #2-I just posted character sheets for download (1.06p)
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