Saturday, February 25, 2012

On the Forge

Work continues on Rogue Space editing and layout, this will be completed this weekend!  Jumping from that frying pan, I will leap into the fire of a making a complete Sword & Shield RPG basic rules book.  Currently there are 26 classes including demi-humans whose race acts as classes.  Lots of specialties (feats) and the spell books for each Wizard class are fairly short but there are a lot of them!

I'm also considering 3 different Sizes of the S&S RPG rules:
  • Broadsword edition (8.5x11)
  • Short Sword Edition (6x9)
  • Dagger Edition (4.25 x 6.8" paperback novel size)
Back to working on the game forge!


Narmer said...

26! Holy crap! I am so looking forward to this. I'm one of those who don't mind race as class.

Fenway5 said...

Yup 26 so far, but they are not difficult to work with or play. Two broad categories: Adventurers and Wizards. Within each category is a list of classes. Wizards each have their own classes based on spell book (Witch, Necromancer,Illusionist, etc.) and Adventurers run the gamut from Archer, Bard and Blackguard to Paladin and Witch Hunter. You won't find page long definitions and descriptions for each class, just a quick summary description. The name should be evocative enough, and a little flavor text and minor details then get to playing. I want you to play the game, not read a novel!

Narmer said...

I wasn't complaining about the number of classes or anything. I was just marveling over your productivity and imagination again. With that number of classes it seems like anybody could find one to make them happy.

Fenway5 said...

No worries at all and I did not take any offense, I was just trying to describe it all a bit better. :)

Anonymous said...

Will non-wizard classes mainly be differentiated by how their dice are distributed between Fight, Shoot, Skill and Magic? Or will the have special abilities as well?

Looking forward to the full version.

-Ed Green

Fenway5 said...

Good question Ed. Adventurers will be differentiated by both different dice in their attributes AND by starting special ability.

Boric G said...

On a side note...I MUST know where you found the picture accompanying this post.

Fenway5 said...

No secret, my Tiger style Google-fu is strong my friend!