Friday, September 23, 2011

Something Wicked this way comes... (maybe)

October is coming and of course that means Halloween!  This season always puts me in the mood for spooky good stuff! That spooky feel has had a lot of influence on Role Playing games that I have played, probably most notably AD&D Ravenloft, Call of Cthulhu, and Chill.

I want to make a spooky adventure for Halloween,  and I thought maybe I am not the only one. That got me to thinking (always dangerous)...

I don't know if you remember (or still use) advent calendars at Christmas?  In essence every day you locate the date on the calendar and then pop open the small door. Then there is some gift or treat or little picture for each day leading to Christmas day.

I was thinking maybe it would be fun to do a kind of spooky "advent calendar" book of adventures for use with Old School role playing games.  Kind of an "Ocktoberfeast" of spooky gaming goodness.: 31 one night adventures for the 31 nights of October!

Each adventure would need to be short (done in one night of play) and would be a stand alone so people could place them anywhere they like in their own sandbox.  (Of course, we could make a gothic adventure sandbox to house them all, sort of a dread plane...but let's keep the idea simple for now.) Ideally we would have a total of 31 entries (one for each night), and I'd combine them all into a book that could be purchased at cost on lulu or downloaded as a free pdf. 

Are you interested? Okay here is what I see as the parameters:

You get a date in October to make an adventure for (maybe that will inspire?)
each adventure is 2 pages:
-1 page would be the map
-1 page would handle all back story/ adventure set up and the location/ room contents.

What do I need to make it happen?
1) 30 people to commit to making a one evening adventure in a spooky or gothic horror style (you'd have about 2 weeks to complete it) (for free)
2) Some one willing to do a front cover image or scene (for free) (B&W)
3) Someone to do a back cover image or scene (for free)
3) Someone willing to make a "map page" spooky border (for free) (B&W)
4) Someone willing to make an "adventure page" spooky border (for free) (B&W)

Ideally everything would be submitted to me by the middle of October so we could have it out (at least the PDF for download) before Halloween, and the book for purchase (@cost) as soon as possible.  Everyone gets full credit for their work and retains their own rights, its a labor of love.

So is this of interest to any one else and do I have 30 willing volunteers or any artists willing? The deadline would be this Sunday (9/25) to go or no go on this idea...and please do not commit to it if you really can't be 100% sure of delivering on a short schedule.

Spread the word and let's see if we can make an OSR Oktoberfeast !

Commitment count 15 out of 31 needed! I am calling it one way or the other at 7pm PST 9/25.  We fell short this year, but we should have another go next year!
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