Saturday, September 17, 2011

On main view screen...FAR TREK!

After a road trip this week, I came home Friday to find my beta copies of Far Trek!  Then up at 4am this morning to edit and finalize it. Damn it Jim, I think it's ready!

If you want to purchase a digest sized copy of Far Trek, well now is your chance!

I make no money on this and it is sold at production cost of $6.30 USD each. You can out fit your away team for $20!  I will updated the Far Trek link to the right with the final booklet PDF as well for free download.

Live long and prosper!


Dr Rotwang! said...

DAMMIT! If my wife hadn't had to shell out eighty-one bucks for a cracked tire, I'd be ordering this ASAP. I'm not blaming her, and the tire is more important; it's just that was money we didn't have.

Hmm. Xmas?

Fenway5 said...

No worries amigo, keeping everyone in your family safe should be job 1! It will be still be there whenever you want to buy one, and hey, its in PDF for free down load so put a bow on it 'cuz Christmas came early!

Michael Berkey said...

Just stumbled across this today. Great job! I love your take on the core rules. :-)

Fenway5 said...

Thanks Mike for all the hard work you did to make this possible and for the inspiration. I gave you credit for making it possible amgio!

Michael Berkey said...

Darn tooting. When I get a chance, I'll give you a mention on the main site. This is too cool to not spread around a bit. :-)

Fenway5 said...

@Mike thanks glad you approve! Your inspiration and original work made this version possible!