Thursday, September 8, 2011

Captain, my captain

I have seen posts and questions concerning, 'How do you role-play Trek when the captain makes the call?"  In other words, if one guy has all the say so how do you share it or at least make every player valuable?"

I guess I wonder why it's an issue at all?  Going back to D&D and the idea of a caller for the party the "captain role" has been a part of RPG's since inception.  Watch Trek episodes, Kirk isn't a dictator he listens and uses all of his crew.  Kirk can't fix the warp engines, he can't diagnose strange signals in space or analyze new life forms, heck out side of "fire phasers" statements he does not even fight with the ship nor fly it.  He is the figure head in most deals or conversations (a diplomats role), but he does not do so in a vacuum.  The crew can disagree with him and shape his decisions, but yes in the end he has to make the call for the benefit of the crew and ship.

A captain in an RPG of Trek is no different than what you find in business, sports, or nearly any other group human endeavor-a leader, or captain is part of the mix in life, so why is this situation any different or more troubling?  Not sure, but give my Trek inspired RPG Far Trek a download and see for yourself in game play if its an issue or if it is just in the mind's eye.



Dr Rotwang! said...

Hey, man -- I never said my idea was a good one...!

Fenway5 said...

@Dr.-I don't think your idea is a bad one at all! In fact, I'd be interested to see how it worked in play. That's why I still love RPG's so much: pure creativity!

With Trek games in general, the captain role has long seemed a hurdle for a lot of folks, but in play I haven't found it to be one at all. Maybe I am just too dumb, too lucky or a combination of the two in equal measure and have not had a problem!

JB said...

Actually, I think it's an excellent (and valid) approach to character "role" and it certainly fits the genre ("military space opera") you are modeling.

My concern would be more of "what if more than 1 person wants to play the captain?" THEN what do you do.

Because, let me tell you: *I* would want the captain's chair in such a game, and woe betide anyone who'd mutiny under MY command!
: )

Fenway5 said...

@JB good point, and certainly the good Dr.'s prescription may fit what you are looking for perfectly-or perhaps a TREK based game isn't the right vehicle for the kind of game you want to play? That's why I like RPG's and home brew stuff so much, there are lots of choices and options brother!