Sunday, September 4, 2011

Far Trek RPG booklet test...

 Well for better--or worse, I cranked through the obvious issues and some of the left over goofs in order to get a beta booklet edition done and in the mail to me for some hands on editing and game time.  The printed copies lay abused around the house and I am hopefully having something a  bit appearance will make a few people kind enough to edit, feel like they are working on a near finished thing and not the mad scribbles of a Trek obsessed goofball.

Sure I don't think it will work either, but it is going to look bad ass on the table top!  I will shoot a picture of the game books, dice (Yup red, blue, yellow just like on the cover)and miniatures from our session.

Trek Minis?  Indeed sir!  Matt over at Captain's Blog has produced an "Astro Crew" in 15mm!  Even has sprues of heads and weapons to monkey with.  I asked and there is more to come provided folks order!  So don't be shy, order already I need some TOS Klingons baby! You can find the  download the Far Trek Beta via the logo to your right!

(the image is from the back of the Far Trek game book)

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