Saturday, September 1, 2012


Work on my own TFT inspired game continues. As I read old articles regarding TFT, I thought it would be interesting to share the thoughts of Steve Jackson regarding Man to Man (proto GURPS) and how it compares to TFT.  It's interesting to see how Steve Jackson felt TFT was too limiting and needed to be re-done anyway to fit with his vision.  I liked Man to Man and had hopes that it might have spawned some of the original material support promised after Orcslayer:

1) A high tech weapons book (originally supposed to be in MtM but cut because it needed more play testing and SJ wanted MtM out at for GenCon and @ $9.95)

2)A book of pre-gen characters

3)An arena campaign with animal rules

4) medieval/fantasy City guards adventure

5) A dungeon crawl

6) A modern street gang adventure

Below are the notes from SJ on comparisons between MtM and TFT.

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