Sunday, September 16, 2012


The lord Gres Vonsul went mad they said,  after the sudden simultaneous death of his wife, twin daughters, and his two sons.  Some say the influence of his sage Nul Kaymen was the cause.  Nul had always been a practitioner of the arts, and some say he traded the lives of his liege lord's family for more power and knowledge. 

Despair and anguish set Vonsul to constructing a burial tomb for his family.  When it was complete, he had himself sealed within to live out his days, like his family, in the peace and blackness of the an earthen tomb. A lone black tower stood on the hill for centuries as a grave marker with no entrance visible, and none sought to find one.

Now Disciples of Nul are said to have ventured into these lands.  Seeking knowledge that may have been entombed with Vonsul clan.  Recent disappearances and bloody remains strewn near the hillside suggest the something is wrong.  Will the players discover the truth, or are they making a grave mistake?

Back again with a new Pocket Full of Peril!  This map is an edited version I made from Stonewerks blog.  It's been nearly a year since he posted, and nearly that long since we started a joint adventure project--and then he simply disappeared.  I certainly hope all is well, and hope by posting a new Pocket Full of Peril, he may be tempted to return. Download PFoP #11 here.

Pocket Full of Terror?
I'd also like to propose a possible October Pocket Full of Terror project.  Using the PFOP Template and format, you'd create a small adventure based around terror, frights, and  other spooky themes.  These will not be system specific, following PFoP standards.  If you create a new beastie, you have to work it into the tiny text space.   If this is of interest please vote and commit below.  My goal would be to obtain 31 excursions into terror!

I would kick it off next Saturday (9/22) by sending you a template and instructions, then require all submissions by 10/21.  I will assemble and publish them all as a digest sized PDF booklet on 10/31. Assuming the project unfolds, if anyone wanted to supply a suitable cover image that would be outstanding! 

Any takers? Commit below and vote if you are interested in seeing this happen!
One week to make it a go or no go project...spread the terror!
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