Monday, September 17, 2012

Pocket Full of Terror Project

I'd  like to propose a community October Pocket Full of Terror project.  Using the PFOP Template and format, you'd create a small adventure based around terror, frights, and  other spooky themes.  These will not be system specific, following PFoP standards. 

A Pocket Full of Peril format is 4x6 note card sized.  Map on one side and adventure on the other.  So the requirements are quite small. You can download samples in the Peril icon to the right or just search my site for previous examples.  Making one only takes a few hours of time!

If this is of interest please vote and commit below.  My goal would be to obtain 31 excursions into terror!

I would kick it off next Saturday (9/22) by sending you a template and instructions, then require all submissions by 10/21.  I will assemble and publish them all as a digest sized PDF booklet on 10/31. Assuming the project unfolds, if anyone wanted to supply a suitable cover image that would be outstanding! 

Any takers? Commit below and vote if you are interested in seeing this happen!
One week to make it a go or no go project...spread the terror!
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