Sunday, January 29, 2012

Warrior-Lords of Darok pt2

Next in Darok we come to 5 pages describing the geography, history and warrior culture of Darok.  The battle proven are leaders and the state religion is a cult of Akhora brought over by barbarian mercenaries.  Actual wizards are frowned upon and only members of the cult are accepted practitioners.  A separate book covering the capitol (Shaylle) was planned but not released for TFT.  Instead, the completed TFT work for Shaylle was reworked to match a d20 system and released as City of the Sacred Flame.

Next are 3 pages of major NPC's in Darok including a brief write up of personality, treasure and equipment.  Following this, is a village (Ghee) with buildings notated and stocked with NPC's.  After the village set up, is a companion scenario The Treasure of Zierro Mhaddray, set on the plans of Darok.  Next are additional rules for horsebreaking.  First (and last) time I have read 3 pages on horsebreaking in an RPG or its supplement!

The next pages are dedicated to additional scenarios to play, and possible random encounters (like a hexcrawl) while players are in Darok.  On the balance the few scenarios are interesting, but the hexcrawl bits are quite good.   Odd that a as completely hex mapped system, TFT failed to develop a hex crawl tool.  Gamelords provide a limited on in this book specifically for Darok, but it could easily be applied elsewhere.

Finally, the book ends with Random tables to create NPC Fighter, Wizard,...and THIEF.  As TFT only designated characters as either wizard or hero, it is interesting to see a codified Thief option and title in an official TFT book.  In all the tables are functional but unspectacular.

So what do I think?  As Darok was the first in the line to be published, I see it as a pretty good teaser for a much broader and more expansive line that never was.  This is disappointing on a number of different levels.  First, these came out right as TFT was dying.  While I don't think it would have saved Metagming, in any way, this range of supplements as planned were the first true RPG supplements for the TFT system beyond the core rules.  Its inclusion of scenarios, a village, NPC's, treasure tables and basic hexcrawl tables were a much needed addition to flesh out and expand TFT.  TFT as a system and product line remains a vast expanse of what ifs in my mind, and Warrior-Lords of Darok serves to further that expanse.  If you are interested, my own take on a basic rules TFT inspired the system can be downloaded at Heroes & Other Worlds.

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