Saturday, January 7, 2012

All's quiet

Sorry not much to say really.  I could opine on a number of things, but nothing in particular has my interest right now,  working on my own games (links to the right) and trying to find time to get stomped some more by Dark Souls.  I love that it requires and rewards THINKING  instead of simply quick button mashing (although that too has its place)  Skyrim is great and worthy of purchase--but Dark Souls really is my video game of the year.

On my own work, the Rogue Space RPG manual is out for editing, and I posted an updated Heroes & Other Worlds RPG manual download.  I am also going to knock out the first pocket mod called Cults.  It will focus on a cult, some new spells, and an adventure--all in one Pocket mod booklet format!
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