Thursday, January 19, 2012

Intelligence 18, Wisdom 3...a rant

So  the 3 original AD&D hardbacks (that most gamers have) are being reprinted...

Why the hype? Who really cares? 4e players? Pathinder fans? OSR? I'd say nobody SHOULD care! You can get old copies of the originals easily, and if some altruistic impulse makes you want a statue of Gary, go make one from mashed potatoes, or just donate your game book purchase funds IN TOTAL to a statue, not a mystery percentage-the whole dollar amount! How can folks bash Hasbro for mishandling of the game and the rules, and then support them with your dollars when they reprint some old stuff? WTF people!

For all your intelligence you critically lack wisdom! How many retro clones (OE through 3.5) are out there (many available FREE)and easily purchased, and well supported ALREADY?  Want the old books? Go buy THE ORIGINALS!

Still you slavishly follow the dragon into the dungeon. Swear to heaven, at least when Odysseus knew he was headed into trouble he had the sense to be lashed to the mast so he could do no harm when he heard the siren's song. Do you have this wisdom? No. Like a former love who treated you like crap and says, "baby, this time it will be different" you believe it!  FOOLS!

It's a trap!  They know how much cred the OSR has, they see the vitality, creativity and originality they lost, and now like a stranger with candy they are trying to lure you back in to the shiny van with a Wizard painted on its side.  Kick them in the junk and tell them to get bent!

Ask yourself why aren't they going after Paizo and retuning to a modified 3.5??  Pathfinder is the sales and game king right now and they can't compete there?  So they are going to go back, try to lure the OSR in and gain support from the gamers they treated like a rented mule?  Seriously folks.  The Red Box reprint was a failed attempt at this. Now the current rumors of going back to earlier editions and making one rules set to play them all is so much B.S. it makes me sick to think some folks can't see the crap through the flies.

Do whatever you like, but I see it, I don't like it, and I won't support it. 
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