Sunday, October 2, 2011

A quick retrospective in pictures

So in the midst of all my work on a lot of different games and projects I thought it might be fun to share some images of my work.  In no particular order here are some pictures of some work I have done.
Some notes on the pictures:
Akratic Wizardry is a booklet I made using Akratic's house rules and adding my own pictures as an RPG reference
Collapse is my apocalypse, fall of civilization RPG
Far Trek is my Star Trek based RPG based on Mike Berkey's Where no man has gone before 2.0 rules
The Microlite 74 booklets I bootlegged this weekend myself, they have the new 3.0 rules.  It's funny a lot of my ROGUISH RPG ideas are in here, except I am only using 3d6 in my game.  Still highly recommended.
The Rogue Space menagerie are all of the pocket mod books I have made (so far) for my Rogue Space Game.

Much is done--and more to come!