Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pocket Full of Peril #10-Rising of the Wickerman

The druid Alfius Gruun was once a noble and trusted man.  As time went by he changed, secluding himself and hiding away from those seeking his knowledge.  Many years later, word came of local masons and men being hired to dig a tomb for Alfius.  His wife and daughter, sombre and thin, hired the men and work was done in secret as none of the men ever returned.  Search parties were created, adventurers hired and eventually many years later on a bleak and withered hill a tomb door was found with one word--WICKERMAN inscribed upon it.  None could figure out how to enter and a large hangman's tree is the lone sentinel guarding the entrance and  marking the spot.

Download the PDF of the full adventure to your right in the PFoP link. Tip of the cap to STONEWERKS for the map!

Also note I published my Zombies Attack! Pocket RPG today.  If you liked Buckshot or Rogue Space, you'll like this too!


Dungeoneer Dave said...

PoFP is my favorite source for adventures right now the format is perfect for my needs. They give me enough material to run crazy with them and not be bogged down. Count me amongst your fans!

Fenway5 said...

@dd thanks for the kind words!