Saturday, August 27, 2011

These are the continuing voyages of the Far Trek RPG...

This has become quite a rework.  It's sort of like deciding to repaint a room in your house, and then realizing crap, now I have to change every room in the house to match.  I realize it sounds strange comparing home improvement to fantasy gaming...sigh..well that's how mixed up my life is right now, plus a blizzard of a year at work has kept me swamped.

Meanwhile, back on the bridge...

I have retained a lot of the spirit and text from Where No Man has Gone Before 2.0 because it's really good!  At the same time I have tried to make it feel more like a game I'd want to play and mashed it up with some of my own game rules. In addition I have tried to make FAR TREK into a more cinematic playing experience to match the feel of TOS rather than a number crunching, hit point tracking, and damage detailed RPG.  So to give you a quick idea of where things are headed:

Things you will not find in Far Trek:
Hit Points
Weapon Damage rolls (like knife 1d6, phaser 4d6, photon torpedo 100d6...nope, not in here)
Armor Classes
d20 and other D&D standard polyhedral dice

Things you will find
Four Attributes (ST, IQ, DX, CA)
Classes (Gold Shirt, Blue Shirt, Red Shirt)
Special Talents

I have had a lot to do (and continue to do a lot) of cutting pasting and redesigning to work Far Trek into the game system (d6 based) and play style which I think will fit the spirit of Star Trek.

Will Far Trek succeed or EPIC fail? You can beam a copy up in a few weeks and decide for yourself.

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