Sunday, August 28, 2011

Far Trek character sheets

Yup just like Roguish and every other game I make, the character sheets are book marked size.  I might goof around with doing a note card version as well at some point, but for play testing these worked just fine. I intentionally left off equipment because Trek isn't about hording and hauling.  Everyone has a phaser, a communicator and if you are a blue shirt, tricorder or med kit.  Anything you need is a transporter call away (assuming you can use your communicator) or on board ship (assuming the Turbolift works).

The neat thing I have found in refereeing Far Trek is how much more I focus on creating a cool story and not so much on is this creature too tough or easy?  How much treasure is enough and will that item ruin my future campaign plans? Will the players have enough challenge? Those mechanical considerations are gone and instead I am more interested in story and plot.  Yes there are mechanics involved and phaser battles, but (rightly or wrongly) there isn't the same feel to these events in the game.  They are more plot devices that help resolve or increase plot tensions rather than mechanical game grinding for all or nothing resolutions.  Well at least that's how I play them in the game when I run it.  Your warp speeds may vary.

Beyond Mike Berkey's orginal document for Microlite, I have a stack of FASA's Star Trek RPG stuff, Last Unicorn's, and ADB's Prime Directive (GURPS) books.  The one thing I find interesting and similar about all of the professionally published stuff is how much intricate detail is included.  It's impressive (almost like a tech manual in detail) but also stifling and not necessarily in line with a TV series based RPG.  Kind of like most RPG's in general now, they tend to overly rule and over explain everything in detail to do away with ambiguity.  In my experience it's the ambiguity in RPG's that makes the referee's job the most fun, the player's experience the most harrowing, and the game play in general the more memorable.

Note none of that applies if playing with "rules lawyers and munchkins."  If that's your group, I'm sorry and I hope you find a new one...SOON!

UPDATE: posted original "class based" play test sheets.
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