Thursday, August 4, 2011

More Trek? Fascinating...

Well it's officially a full on trek-palooza at Sword & Shield.  My wife and I watched the animated episodes (really cool) I scored a ton of the olds FASA trek stuff on the cheap (original game, deluxe edition and 15 modules and source books for $60)  Now I find some cat has made 15mm miniature trek guys...and these cosplay images are fantastic!

You know between these images and the web-isodes, I keep wondering why they mess around with other eras?  I can also recommend highly the Star Trek book series Vanguard. It is set in the original era, but focuses on a star base.  Kind of an original series Deep Space 9...but better.

I have to do some roof work this weekend, but hope to crank out my Trek game by the end of August.

Viva TREK baby!

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