Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eldritch Roast

I am not sure if I could challenge Starbuck$ but I think I have a new fall blend for them, or possibly a whole new endeavor for myself.  A 1920's like coffee shop, slightly gloomy filled with books and built at odd angles, counters a bit too tall, or short or slanted.  Just enough to make one feel uneasy.  Hmmm, where to begin...

My wife is an artist and has a passion for coffee and coffee mugs.  We have a shelf in our cabinet filled with various coffee mugs.  I have 3 at the house one is Red Sox, one is Portland Timbers and one is a Prisoner (TV show-not crimes) inspired one I made.  The rest have cats and flowers and other feminine things.  Well my wife has an absolute crazy love for the clip below from Portlandia.  It is funny, BUT I am sick to the back of my teeth of being told to 'Put a bird on it." First the clip

Now my wife has decided I just need to chill about being told to put birds on things. So every morning I am informed and reminded via a coffee mug with the following sentiment
The smile and laugh of my wife are infectious and lovely, yet mischievous as well.  This cup, filled with coffee and its message to me is her morning motivator.  Sigh...well for better, and possibly worse, she married a guy who is not only able to take the constant shenanigans...but to surprise her with my own comeback.  Lovecraft, the elder gods, and all things H.P. are especially spooky and icky to her...with that in mind I have a mug coming with the following
I am looking forward to our morning coffee on a cool rainy morning a few weeks from now when the sleeper will awaken...
Hey Starbuck$ give me a call, let's talk.

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