Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Post Apocalyptic Progress

So I had a lot of time to think about my rules set while trapped on a plane over the past week.  Here's how it will breakdown (no pun intended)  The book will be formatted digest sized and short possibly 64 pages.  I will out line the basic rules, character creation and then provide potential Collapse event scenarios followed by reference materials (books, comics, movies, TV shows) to be used by referees as a springboard for further development.  Then supplements will be Blue Books or Case Studies: They will focus in a brief 24 pages on a particular Collapse scenario in depth: Zombies, Mutants, Rise of the Apes, etc with possible scenario hooks included.  I do not necessarily want to create adventure modules, instead I'd rather have a mini source book with ideas for referees to build on their own.

 The rules them selves and character creation are going to be very easy. 2d6 system roll 8 or better to succeed.  A life path character creation will be available to make generic characters, and a system for generating you and your friends into characters for the Collapse event will also be included.

Overall the rules are quick, light and easy (so far) to pick up and play allowing the focus to be on creating adventures and playing instead of gaming the rules.  Now I just need a few more plane flights to have time to type it up from my notes!

PS-If you have not read Day by Day Armageddon yet...do it quick becuase the loooooong awaited sequel is coming this Spring!  AMC has announced they are making a pilot of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic into a TV show, so read the comics now my firends, you will be glad you did!
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