Thursday, January 7, 2010


Blame it on…well no one really, quirk of fate possibly? Turns out the History *cough* channel is airing some sort of Doom & Gloom week dealing what happens if (insert an earth shaking apocalypse scenario here). What a great way to start a happy fraking New Year!
Anyway, they had a 2 hour “what if” civilization breaks down scenario last night illustrating the entire breakdown through the eyes of a 3 person family from suburban L.A. I watched it with my wife, and needless to say she thought it was scarier than any horror movie she’s ever seen. Part of it was because it focused on dramatic crisis points and then illustrated them: Looters break down of food supply, sanitation, law and order, and the reversions from get along to going it alone. I recorded and took copious notes while watching because it was quite intriguing. They even had a show after that where a “survival expert” (akin to Man vs. Wild’s Bear Grylls) gave tips on how and what you would have to do to survive. While I have not seen it yet, that too is recorded as grist for the gaming mill.
So given the current rich resource to draw from, it looks like Roguish is on the back burner while I listen to this darker gaming muse for a bit
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