Friday, January 8, 2010

Notes from the blast zone

In the History Channel show I discussed yesterday here are some interesting bits of flotsam and jetsam:

The most recent crisis event illustrative of a collapse event in the U.S. was Hurricane Katrina and its effect on new Orleans. From that disaster we saw:

* Most households ran out of food after 3 days
* Unprotected stores were looted and emptied of all items (including toys, clothes, basically anything that could be carried out) within 5 days
* Rioting, looting, and the break down of law & order occurred within 4 days after Katrina.
* The sound (and thus use)of weapons being fired was commonplace as a background noise within 4 days of the event.

I guess I was shocked that within 4 days of some sort of catastrophic event, we revert back to the wild west or worse, our basest survival mode instincts kick in. I know that help was very slow in coming, but the resources of a nation were able to be mobilized to help. Suppose there was no help coming...ever again?

Apparently the thin veneer of civilization is quite a bit thinner than I had expected.
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