Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Collapse...

Below is the intro to my Post-Apoc game world...

Sometimes a debt has to be paid in blood.  As the global financial system continued to spiral downwards, riots flared up all over the world.  Governments printing and spending with abandon caused a reckoning in which money became worthless.  As one government after another collapsed it took down faith in the financial system globally.  Attempts to create a global currency also failed as it stalled in endless debates over exchange rates for each country.  Even more divisive, debate and threats swirled over which countries could be a part of this currency and which would be left out.  These endless debates, accusations, and threats between nations combined with the average citizens of any country no longer having any belief in printed currency any longer led to the collapse.  In the end, the global economic system failed, and with it entire nations collapsed.
 In this turmoil as neighboring countries, regions, and even cities destabilized, some attempted to take advantage of the collapse through force of arms.  Man descended back to his natural, self interested state of pure survival.  Order fractured globally as armies were left to defend themselves and some create pockets of civilization wherever they were based. Those were the lucky areas; many army groups went rogue becoming regional warlords.  People used to the “on demand” lifestyle of the West were shocked at how rapid the collapse came and were swept away in the rising tide of violence.  Unable to defend themselves, fend for themselves, or to offer anything more than tie-dyed platitudes of peace, they were the first wave of population lost to the collapse.  Then plagues broke out as sanitation failed, bodies piled up, and use of biological weapons took place.  No one knows where or who dropped the first bombs but mushroom clouds were reported intermittently all over the globe. 
In the midst of this chaos and destruction something unexpected happened.  At first it was thought to be rumor or simply the panicked stories of some traumatized survivors until more and more people reported seeing the same thing: shambling husks of humanity risen from the dead and hungry for living flesh.  Whether it is divine judgment, Mother Nature’s revenge, or the product of some combination of radiation and disease is unknown.   Pockets of civilization still exist but they are bought and paid for with blood, sweat, and tears.  Most survive by a combination of wits, barter, and force.  This is the brave new world you now inhabit. You are one light in a growing darkness as humanity tries to survive the collapse.

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