Sunday, November 18, 2012

UPDATE: Now Available!

UPDATE: get 30% off HOW on Lulu using the promo code DELIRITAS this weekend only!

It is done, commence quaffing of beer to toast the release of Heroes & Other Worlds.

 Thanks very much to those who have supported this effort over the year with their feedback, enthusiasm, and comments.  I am especially indebted to my lovely wife and to Mr. Beau Chambers for his eagle eyed editing and efforts to make the game great. I's also like to give special thanks to the fine folks at Dark City Games for allowing one of their programmed adventures to be included in the rules book.

If you are interested in purchasing your own copy of Heroes & Other Worlds, follow the link below to purchase:

You can use the coupon code NOVBOOKS12 to get a 20% discount through the end of the month! 

Now that Heroes & Other Worlds is done I plan on enjoying the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday! I next plan on creating a zero issue of The Cauldron as a free download PDF, a holiday gift from me to you.

If you purchase the game and take time to review it just let me know!  I hope you will enjoy the game and I look forward to seeing where and how far this little journey takes us.
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