Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Heroes Progress

My wife kindly went through the near final HOW rule book...and it's going to take me longer to get the edits done then I had anticipated.  Thankfully the edits are not major, but inconsistent spacing is a plague which I am seeking to cure.  I am thankful to Pastor Beau for his eagle eye and intensive major editing just as I am thankful to my wife for adding a little more polish to the final product.  I am trying to get the edits done this weekend, but completitng by 11/17 seems most likely.

Then a print test, final review...and then it goes up for sale!

Thanks for your patience!


jeffro said...

Metagaming never made the deluxe box set that they should have. GURPS epitomized everything Howard Thompson hated about Jackson's direction. Dark City Games is only interested in making adventures. The OSR is obsessed with making more and more clones of OD&D and adapting every single genre to 3d6 in order style gaming.

In short... there is quite a niche to be filled here and I'm glad someone's doing it.

Is 11/17 here, yet?!

Fenway5 said...


I am a big fan of DCG and have bought all their adventures. They are part of the inspiration for tackling this project, and I highly recommend their adventures!

The great quantity (and variety) of retro-clones rules also served as an inspiration to have a go at making this game. I always loved the Melee/Wizard system and felt TFT/GURPS took a path I never would have.

Last, I guess I just always hoped someone else would make the game I wanted to play. No one did, so I took my own ideas, house rules, and the previous inspirations to make Heroes & Other Worlds.

I think there is room and perhaps maybe even interest in a simple and sensible game that is Old School in presentation and inspiration. It is NOT GURPS lite, nor a fancy crunchier version of Melee/ Wizard. I guess you will see what I mean when it comes out.

jeffro said...

Whoops; not so slag those other games-- I play them all! There's just an obvious lack of love for something that is uber-cool. I'm glad to see this particular thread of gaming get some more attention.

Fenway5 said...

@Jeffro, no worries at all. Heck even if you did not enjoy those other games that's cool. I am not the arbiter of gaming cool by any means.

I think HOW ends up being what I had hoped Dragons of Underearth would have been. A complete advebute game book centered built on the melee/wizard system.I have no doubt there will be detractors, thos who wnt more of a fantasy boardgame feel...or those who wnat more of a GURPS crunch and uber sim feel.

What I hope is that a new rules-lite game in Ye Olde Style cn break up the d20 monopoly. DCG has a grip of great programmed andventure to help newbies get started and I have a lot plans/stuff in the bullpen so if the game stinks, it won't be due to lack of support. :)