Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Roll your own dungeons

I saw this new Dungeon Morph Dice kickstart project and wanted to call it to your attention.  in essence each die face is a different dungeon geomorph, and they intend on producing a set of 5 different dice!

The goal is $6500 to produce the sets and there are a range of different pledge levels to see them get produced.

One thing I'd like to see is a firm pledge for everything: dice sets, battle maps the whole works.  As is if you add $80 to the top level you get the works, but that seems a bit of a gray area.  Just add a firm pledge level for "the werks!" Note, i did make my pledge today!  I hope they also use geomorphs from Stonewerk's Blog as he has produced some great geomorphs I have used in my Pockets full of Peril adventures.

I have a couple large sized D12 that have different dungeon halls and rooms on them so you can roll your own dungeon, and they have made some cool on the fly dungeon maps.  Maybe I'll roll up a couple and post them at some point.
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