Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New dungeons crawls await

UPDATE:  My copy just shipped (3/23) from The Warstore.  I have bought lots of stuff from Neal, his selection, service, and shipping are tops! Get yours there today!

I am a huge fan of dungeon crawl boardgames.  Note that does not mean I think they are all good, just that when good they can be a fun way to spend a couple hours.  Often times getting someone to sit down and try one of these types of games has led them down the forbidden and dark path to full blow role-playing! (Insert our own sufficiently diabolical laugh here-go on, I'll wait...)

There are two new dungeon crawl games coming soon that you might be interested in.  One is sufficiently dark and brooding and the other is refreshingly cool and unique.  Note neither is really out yet, but you can get minis and in both cases the full blown games should be coming soon.

First from Mantic Games- The Dwarf King's Hold: Dead Rising.
It looks very Space Hulk like in that it is simple to learn, easy to play, and will probably (unlike GW) include future supplements like Orcs as villains.  I could go on about it, but the video below does a swell job of outlining the rules and demoing game play.  The only problem I'd point out in the video is that in demoing, the Scottish host gets a bit too caught up in playing and trying to win rather than just illustrating the game play. Well I can't blame a fellow for wanting to win.

Next is a decidedly anime styled crawl called Super Dungeon Explore from Soda Pop miniatures.  While the full boxed game is not out yet, the miniatures supporting the game are.  Some will hate the designs, but I think they rock, it's nice to see sculpts outside the usual range of fantasy archetypes.  The demo game is a free down load and although I have not had a chance to play it yet, I have purchased all the minis in hopes of doing so.  With my luck the boxed game will be out before that happens, but in the mean time, here is a look at the minis.

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